You visited a site earlier today and now you’re seeing Facebook, Instagram, and banner ads for that site everywhere? Well, you too can harness that same power to retarget prospects via a remarketing campaign.  Learn how.

Remarketing = Picking The Low Hanging Fruit

When you visit a site, you get cookied. These cookies tell marketers which pages you visited, the products and services you viewed, how long you stayed on the site, and many other metrics related to your online habits.

Your site visitors are essentially assigned a new ID each time they visit your website – even if they don’t fill out a form with their personal information.   

Dynamic remarketing lets your business re-touch site visitors with a personalized approach, with a topic you know they are interested in.

Here are 3 no-brainer reasons why remarketing can help you increase conversion rates, as it helps you retian previous visitors and keeps them coming back to your messaging, offers, etc.

Cheaper Marketing

Your ads are seen by people who want to see them. You’re spending less money for more qualified traffic.

Personalized Messaging

This is an ideal formula for more engagements, more sales, and more customer retention.

Pipeline Building

Many visitors to your site are doing research for a future purchase – be it later this quarter or early next fiscal year. It’s ok if your searched competitors are forgotten – but you can stay in the game with relevant reminders that bring prospects back to you. You’re top of mind throughout the entire decision cycle.

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Stay in the game with relevant reminders that bring prospects back to you.

Why Should You Remarket on Facebook?

Yes, Facebook is a retail consumer-based focused channel.  But don’t forget – people who buy your B2B solutions and services use these channels frequently.  Once they are identified and sorted based on the content they viewed on your B2B site,  we can remarket them about your event, product, or service in an environment outside of work – what we call the “chill zone.” 

We all know that marketing is all about repetition and keeping your brand in front of your potential decision makers. This is where Facebook excels. Adding remarketing to a campaign allows you to reach your pre-qualified prospect over and over in a channel they enjoy visiting.

Here’s an example:

Sounds great…but how much does remarketing cost?

A lot less than you think!  For example, we promoted a recent successful IT seminar for under $300.

It depends on your campaign goals, market geo, etc.  Request a no-obligation remarketing consultation and quote now!

Harness the power of remarketing in your digital marketing plan.

Increase conversion rates, get in front of  potential decision makers, and remarket to pre-qualified prospects with targeted remarketing.