Lunch & Learn

Decision makers need to stay current, but are pressed for time.  They also need lunch.

Satisfy those needs and create a captive audience.

Webinar Lunch & Learn

B2B industry statistics report average Webinar attendance rates of as low as 32%. Our clients have enjoyed average attendance rates of 73% by taking advantage of our “Lunch and Learn” Webinar solution.

We take these 2 facts:

  1. Keeping up-to-date on important IT and business topics is critical for decision makers — but finding the time can be a challenge.
  2. Everyone eats lunch

…and solve them with our popular lunchtime Webinars, to drive engage audiences and immediate sales pipeline opportunities for you.

This is a unique way to elevate your webinar registration/attendance conversion rates and preserve your promotion and campaign investments.

All attendees of your event receive lunch from a pizza or sandwich shop of their choice at the start of your event. Our team secures the orders from the registrants and coordinates all deliveries.

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